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Reading is fun 
with Classroom Cereal.

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Grammar practice in free, PDF short stories

Classroom Cereal is a series of free, PDF short stories that double as grammar exercises. Each story has five parts and each part has five grammatical mistakes for students to find as they read. Enjoy the story and find the errors. It's simple and nourishing, much like a certain grain-based breakfast food.

Five parts per story

Every story has five parts, each on its own PDF worksheet. Give students one part of the story to read each day of the week, Monday through Friday. The parts are short, about 200 words, so they work great as a quick warm up routine.

Five errors per part

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While they read, students hunt for the five grammatical mistakes scattered throughout each worksheet. Go over each part together and discuss what students found, or collect the worksheet as classwork or (gulp) homework.

Better writing
Classroom Cereal makes grammar practice quick and fun. Students become editors as they identify and correct the five grammatical errors in each story part. With daily proofreading, students become mindful of the little things needed for clean composition. Those little things start to show up in their own writing.
Closer reading
Reading Classroom Cereal is both fun and beneficial. First, students simply enjoy an amusing and accessible story, one piece at a time throughout the week. Second, readers form a close relationship with the text by engaging with it directly. Students physically mark up each story as they edit the errors. 
More engagement
Get ready to see hands in the air! Classroom Cereal engages even the most resistant readers because it gives them something concrete and objective to look for while reading. Students love to hunt for the errors and share what they've found. Plus, they get into the story throughout the week and the entire year. 

Teachers and parents get more with a $30 yearly subscription.

Your subscription gets you...

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  • Answer Keys

PDF sheets showing where the errors are and how to fix them.
  • Teacher Guides

For every story, a one-page sheet with everything you need in order to teach it: plot summary, themes, explanation of that story's grammatical concepts, and quiz answers.
  • Quizzes

A 10-question quiz for all 30 stories. Five multiple choice comprehension questions, four grammar questions, and one short answer.
  • Grammar Maps

For both seasons, a one-pager outlining every grammatical concept addressed in that season and the stories that feature them.
  • Grammar Growth Assessment

  • GGA Teacher's Sheet

A 48-question, multiple choice grammar assessment, allowing teachers to track grammar progress throughout the year. 
A one-pager showing how to use the Grammar Growth Assessment, which questions address which grammar categories, and the answers to the questions.
  • Google Slides Stories, Quizzes, and Grammar Growth Assessment

All 30 stories, all 30 quizzes, and the Grammar Growth Assessment on their own interactive Google Slide.
  • Google Forms Quizzes and Grammar Growth Assessment

All 30 quizzes and the Grammar Growth Assessment on their own self-grading Google Form.
  • PDF Scripts

All 10 readers theater-style stories on a PDF.
  • PDF Quizzes

A 10-question comprehension quiz for each script.
  • Google Slides Scripts and Quizzes

Every script and quiz on its own interactive Google Slide.
  • Google Forms Quizzes

Every quiz on its own auto-grading Google Form.
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