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Language skill practice
on a fun, simple, printable sheet

You know the activities on the back of a cereal box? Fun, quick games and puzzles that keep you entertained while you eat. These are the inspiration for the Cereal Box Activity Sheet. It's 9 different language activities on a single sheet (when printed front and back) that will make a delicious supplement to any middle school English classroom or home learning environment.

How can I use it?

Part of the beauty of the Cereal Box Activity Sheet is its simplicity. You can use it in lots of different ways. Here are just a few.

  • an activity for early finishers

  • group or station work

  • mini lessons

  • sub work

  • homework

What skills and concepts does it address?

The Cereal Box Activity Sheet has 9 different English language puzzles and activities, and they hit several core skills and concepts.

  • grammar

  • spelling

  • parts of speech

  • vocabulary

  • synonyms

  • setting

  • writing full sentences

Meet the activities

First Letter Vocab.jpg

Can students complete the crossword puzzle? Every answer is a middle grade vocabulary word, and they all begin with the same letter.

Word Forms.jpg

Prime parts of speech practice. We give a root word, and students have to come up with a noun, verb, and adjective form of it. 

Orn's Corner.jpg

Orn is one of Classroom Cereal's most beloved characters. In Orn's Corner, he answers reader questions with his trademark personality.

Spelling Scramble.jpg

We give six random letters. How many (correctly spelled) words can students make from them?

Sketch a Setting.jpg

We give the where and the when, and students draw their best picture of that setting. 

Grammar Rewrite.jpg

One sentence in the passage has three grammatical mistakes. Can students find the errors, then rewrite the sentence so it's error-free?

Synonym Search.jpg

A classic word search, but there's no word bank. Instead, we give a word, and students have to find its synonyms in the puzzle.

Full Sentence Character Bio.jpg

We provide a picture of a Classroom Cereal character. Can your students make up a few full sentences about this person (or animal)?

Fact Matcher.jpg

Facts matter. Can your students get every answer correct in this old school matching activity?

Get Cereal Box Activity Sheet as part of the subscription

Cereal Box Activity Sheet comes as just a small part of the $30/year Classroom Cereal subscription!

Six issues.

One per month from
January to June 2024.

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