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Teachers love Classroom Cereal.

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“I love that the stories are engaging and short. For lots of my students who struggle to read, this gives them an opportunity to participate in the class. It’s not a giant undertaking! It’s bits and pieces that are manageable for them and for me.”​
Shana F.
Thunder Ridge Middle School
“My students love the anticipation of the next part! They also get so excited when they are the first to find all the errors. My students work together to read and complete the tasks. This has really helped my struggling readers in a fun way!”​
Susie H.
Chickahominy Middle School
“I love how excited my kids get to find the errors. It’s almost like a competition! We just started Classroom Cereal with my RTI Reading students this week. We’re not even finished with one entire story yet, but I think they are hooked!”​
Celisa B.
Middle School Teacher
“My students LOTHE writing, but your stories have made them so excited. They eagerly get started and compete to find the mistakes the fastest. The high-level conversations they have while reading and searching make my teacher heart proud.”​
Megan W.
Abernathy Middle School
“My students LOVE it!!!”​
Lexie S.
Poynette Middle School
“My students enjoy that the story builds each day, and I honestly think they like the Friday quizzes. We have also really loved the readers theater scripts!”​
Kif C.
Springboro Junior High
“The kids are very engaged every time we do Classroom Cereal. They love the story format and the characters.”​
Kim H.
Ruthven-Ayrshire Community School
“I love the engaging stories and the constant spiral of skills. My sixth graders really love this resource. Plus it offers quick lesson opportunities when going over the answers.”
Rebecca C.
Shirland School
“Loooove it! And so do the kids!”
Alicia P.
Izard County Consolidated Middle School
“I love Classroom Cereal. The subscription is worth the money out of my own pocket for sure. My students LOVE Cereal Theater and are begging for the next one.”​
Amy F.
Northern Lights ABC School
“I love how the stories are interesting to my students. They get excited to read each one.”
Rosie T.
Medina Christian Academy
“My students love Classroom Cereal. They don’t realize the skills they are getting. They get to know the characters. It’s almost like Rodgers and Cooper are classmates.”
Eva D.
Paris Junior High
“I love everything about Classroom Cereal!!! My students love it too.”
Nicole T.
Benjamin Turner Middle School
New York
“I love that it is something I can use each day of the week. It is something that can be done quickly & the students actually don't mind doing grammar now (win for me!). I like that they can relate to the stories too. I am so happy I purchased the subscription! It is well worth it!”
Danielle M.
Atlantic Middle School
“I've been using Classroom Cereal for years and I love it!!!! I love that the kids look forward to the stories because they are interesting and geared toward their grade level.”
Marianne S.
Corona Foothills Middle School
“Classroom Cereal is a great resource for all levels. It really helps the students slow down and process, and they love the stories.”
Erica F.
Oakridge Middle School
South Carolina
“Classroom Cereal is a great way to practice grammar concepts that are often lacking in our students. It engages them by providing fun snippets of text. 10/10 recommend!”
Alixandra M.
Pottsgrove Middle School
“We absolutely love it. It’s fun. It’s a quick Do-Now. As a teacher, I am a huge fan because there are so many options, as in materials. Love the option for PDF or Google Slides!”
Krysta K.
Prevail Academy
“The students are always engaged! I introduced this to my Language Arts classes last year. My principal noticed at my evaluation and praised the use of it. He noticed the engagement of students.”
Kara D.
O'Neill Elementary
“I love that Classroom Cereal helps teach grammar in a fun way.”
Marissa N.
Linfield Christian School
“This is my first year using Classroom Cereal. I wish I had taken the plunge years ago.”
Barb B.
Northeast Nodaway R5 Junior High School
“These are very engaging and concise activities for my students! They love it. I have used these stories for the past three years in my Publishing classes. We use them as warm ups and reminders of how to use appropriate grammar in our writing. Very valuable when it comes to modeling for dialogue and punctuation for their own short stories!”​
Siobhan W.
Lincoln Middle School
I love the convenience, the goofy characters in the stories, and how easy it is to grade. My (140) students love Classroom Cereal!”
Brent Y.
Pierre Moran Middle School
“The stories build on each other which creates higher intrigue and engagement. The subscription is worth it!”
Autumn D.
Orange City Christian School
“I love Classroom Cereal! It is a quick, easy, painless way to make sure we are practicing grammar daily. The subscription is money well spent.”​
Kristy C.
St. John Fisher School
“I love the stories! I use it as a daily warm-up, and we love predicting what is going to happen. I also use a plot diagram to plot the story with the students on Friday, if time allows. I love Classroom Cereal!”
Missy J.
Central Heights Middle School
“I don’t introduce it until second semester for sixth grade, and my gifted kids LOVE it! It's enough of a push that my kids have to work hard to find the errors. I love it. Such a great bell-ringer!”
Ashley D.
Schoo Middle School
“Thank you so much for these stories!! My students and I love them!!”
Rochelle R.
Mahaffey Middle School
“I highly recommend Classroom Cereal. My students love to read the stories and see if they can find all the mistakes. It challenges them and they love it.”
Melissa B.
Grandview Junior High
“It's a fun way for the kids to learn! Also, I love that it's all ready to just print and go.”
Jennifer B.
Toledo Middle School
“I love the routine of the stories and following up with the quizzes. My students have learned so much without even realizing it. I use them about every other week, which seems to work pretty well!”
Jill R.
Lincoln High School
“I love the storylines. My students really identify with and get invested in the characters.”
Cathy G.
Everest Middle School
“I love that they are stories that truly appeal to my students. My students seem engaged in the reading and actually get into making predictions on what is going to happen next week. My students love reading Classroom Cereal every Friday and ask about it during the week. It is a great tool to discuss common grammar mistakes while reading a great story.”
Taylor S.
DC West Middle School
“I love that my students are so engaged and excited when they find the errors! It gives them a sense of accomplishment that they then bring into other areas of class. I love Classroom Cereal and recommend it to everyone who asks about this kind of resource!”
Janae Y.
Bakken Elementary
North Dakota
“I love SO many things about Classroom Cereal. For one, my students enjoy the stories and their general suspense. They're fun, engaging, and the characters build and continue from story to story. The mistakes my students are asked to identify are mistakes they make themselves, so it's relatable and practical. The stories also help students monitor their comprehension, which is a strong skill that so many younger readers need. Lastly, I enjoy the quickness and routine that has been built through these stories. THANK YOU!”
Kate B.
Cleveland Elementary School
“My students and I love how relatable the stories are. After a few weeks, my middle school students begin to feel as if they know the characters well and this helps contribute to their “buy in”! We also have a classroom “Spice Cabinet” and the students enjoy finding letters from their classmates. Not only are they writing more but the consistent grammar practice shows up in their essays, narratives, letters and journal entries. I also love how the stories/grammar lessons are easily differentiated. Not only do I use these for grammar lessons, oftentimes I use them as narrative exemplars, to teach theme, characterization, use of dialogue, etc. I have also taken many of the bonus questions and required my students to compose a short constructed response to answer these. This is a new, added test type in my state, so I have enjoyed being able to incorporate this skill into our Classroom Cereal practice.”
Kacie G.
Central Middle School
"I love that Classroom Cereal offers opportunities to learn/practice grammar AND reading comprehension simultaneously. This is my first year using it, and I plan on using it again next year as well."
Ted B.
Herbert Slater Middle School
"My students are so invested in the Classroom Cereal characters. They love the cliffhangers.We just did the first Cereal Theater and that was just as exciting! It was great to see everyone participating as an actor or captivated audience member."
Kara K.
Pittsgrove Township Middle School
New Jersey

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