• Answer Keys

PDF sheets showing where the errors are and how to fix them.
  • Teacher Guides

For every story, a one-page sheet with everything you need in order to teach it: plot summary, themes, explanation of that story's grammatical concepts, and quiz answers.
  • Quizzes

A 10-question quiz for all 20 stories. Five multiple choice comprehension questions, four grammar questions, and one short answer.
  • Grammar Maps

For both seasons, a one-pager outlining every grammatical concept addressed in that season and the stories that feature them.
  • Grammar Growth Assessment

A 48-question, multiple choice grammar assessment, allowing teachers to track grammar progress throughout the year. 
  • GGA Teacher's Sheet

A one-pager showing how to use the Grammar Growth Assessment, which questions address which grammar categories, and the answers to the questions.
  • Google Slides Stories, Quizzes, and Grammar Growth Assessment

All 20 stories, all 20 quizzes, and the Grammar Growth Assessment on their own interactive Google Slide.
  • Google Forms Quizzes and Grammar Growth Assessment

All 20 quizzes and the Grammar Growth Assessment on their own self-grading Google Form.