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Solo short stories for middle schoolers,
written by humans

Classroom Cereal is proud to present Standalone Stories, a library of solo, original middle grade short stories!

Enjoy the work of different authors

For the first time, Classroom Cereal is proud to present short stories written by several talented authors. You'll still see short stories written by Chris Slavin (the author of the Classroom Cereal stories), but Standalone Stories will also feature new adventures written by new people. Different voices, but still the same quality and fun you expect from Classroom Cereal!

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Use stories flexibly or to practice something specific 

These stories are short and independent, perfect for fitting into your classroom as you need them. You can use them to reinforce staples like setting, plot, character, and theme; to compare to something else you've read; or to just read and enjoy as a class. But if you want to use them for a specific concept or skill, each story comes with an activity crafted specifically for it.

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Get Standalone Stories with the $30/year subscription

Standalone Stories comes as part of the $30/year Classroom Cereal subscription.

Your subscription gets you...

  • Short stories

A library of original middle grade short stories written by independent, human authors.
  • An activity for each

For each story, an activity addressing a specific concept or skill fitting for that particular story. everything else from Classroom Cereal.

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Standalone Stories

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