Cereal. Like cereal...

Classroom Cereal activities are like a bowl of cereal - quick, simple, and comfortable. But most important, they are nourishing. Cereal gives you a daily dose of fiber and vitamins. Classroom Cereal gives students daily practice with reading and grammar. 

Cereal. Like serial...

Our stories are published serial style, or in parts. Each story has five parts. Students engage with the story one piece at a time. The story builds throughout the week, and the larger saga of life at Fairview Middle School unfolds throughout the year. 

What skills does it teach?

Classroom Cereal stories help students practice fundamentals of grammar, like spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. The five errors in each part of the story will be an assortment from the general categories below. Students hunt for the five mistakes while reading. Routinely identifying and correcting grammatical mistakes while reading can help students avoid such mistakes while writing.

Rodgers was opening his locker when Principal Mellon appeered behind him. 
Word Usage
Enraged, Malina raced to the front office.
She have a plan. 
He knew his key to catching Mr. Nitman
was eric Fincher.
"Wait a second," said Malina "Did your mom comment on this?" 
Cooper, of course, was the only won who
got lunch detention for it. 
Rodgers (The next day,) stood on the 
auditorium stage with Orn.
Sentence Structure

When will new stories come out?

Season 1 

Season 2 


Who's responsible for this?

What's with the bearded guy?

This is Classroom Cereal's mascot, Chuck. He bears a resemblance to one of the most famous serial writers ever. Do you know who?

Welcome! I'm Chris Slavin and I created Classroom Cereal to make grammar practice fun and easy for teachers and students. During my first year teaching sixth grade English Language Arts, I noticed many of my students needed extra practice with writing fundamentals like spelling, punctuation, and word usage. Since the curriculum didn't address these needs, I created my own grammar exercises and used them as "warm up" activities with my classes. I'd make up goofy paragraphs and include my students' names in them. Each paragraph would have grammatical errors for students to find and correct. I noticed my kids liked reading something short and fun while hunting for the mistakes.

I'm now in my seventh year teaching middle school. I teach at General John Stricker Middle School in Dundalk, Maryland, where I've taught sixth grade ELA and Reading, eighth grade Reading, seventh grade Reading, and seventh grade AVID. For the last two years, I've served as Stricker's Title 1 ELA resource teacher.

I've written content for a few other awesome websites, including Membean, Newsela, and NoRedInk. Before I was a teacher, I was editor in chief of The Cowl, the student newspaper at Providence College. I live in Silver Spring, Maryland, where I read about American history, play Alkaline Trio covers on piano, and lose sleep over Providence College basketball. 

Thank you for visiting, and please get in touch with your thoughts about Classroom Cereal. Until then, enjoy!

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