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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What grade level is Classroom Cereal for?
    Classroom Cereal is written for middle schoolers! All of the materials are great for grades 6, 7, and 8. Some teachers find they even work well with upper elementary students, and sometimes even younger high schoolers!
  • Is Classroom Cereal free?
    The 30 original PDF short stories/grammar activities are free, and so are the podcast episodes. Much more comes with the $30/year subscription, including answer keys and quizzes for the stories, teacher guides and grammar maps, the Cereal Theater readers theater series, transcripts and listening comprehension questions for the podcast, materials on Google Slides and Google Forms, Classroom Cereal Reading Comprehension, Cereal Box Activity Sheet, and Classroom Cereal Standalone Stories.
  • I've purchased a subscription. How do I access the subscription materials?
    You rock! When you’re on, make sure you are signed in with the email address you used to purchase your subscription. Once signed in, hover over the Subscription tab at the top of the page. You’ll be able to click on all of the dropdown options. Reach out to Chris at if you ever have questions about your subscription!
  • I need to change the email address connected to my subscription. How can I do that?
    No problem! Email Chris at, and he’ll take care of it for you!
  • How long do subscriptions last?
    Subscriptions last for one calendar year (12 full months). Unless you reach out to cancel, subscriptions automatically renew each year.
  • Do you accept Purchase Orders?
    Yes! Purchase Orders can be sent to Chris at You can also reach out to Chris if you need the Classroom Cereal W-9 for the PO, or if you have any other questions about subscriptions, purchasing, or anything else.
  • Do my students need to create an account?
    Nope! is completely teacher-facing. We collect no student data, and students do not need to create any sort of account. Students can listen to Classroom Cereal, the podcast from, no account needed!
  • Does Classroom Cereal align to standards?
    While Classroom Cereal isn’t written to match any specific set of standards, you’ll find the stories align well to most middle school ELA standards for literature. In terms of grammar, the specific grammatical concepts addressed in the stories are listed in each season’s grammar map, available with the subscription.
  • I need to cancel my subscription. How do I do that?
    We will miss you! To cancel your subscription, just reach out to Chris any time at

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