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The short stories you love,
in audio format.

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Welcome to Classroom Cereal, the podcast 

Your favorite five-part middle grade short stories are now their very own podcast!

Listen along as the Classroom Cereal series is read aloud by its author, Chris Slavin. The podcast stories don't have the grammatical mistakes found in the original grammar exercise versions, meaning you can use them even more flexibly in your classroom or home learning environment.

Three ways to use the podcast

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As a supplement
to the grammar activities

Using Classroom Cereal as a grammar exercise? Have your class listen to the podcast while hunting for the errors. Hearing the stories while they read along could help students spot all five mistakes on the worksheet, plus the audio could help with comprehension of the story itself.  

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By itself as an audio series

Want in on the Classroom Cereal fun but don't need the grammar component? The podcast is perfect for you! Make listening to Classroom Cereal a weekly treat. Your kids will be hooked by the ongoing story, and you can get the most out of it with the podcast extras.

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grammar activities

Love using Classroom Cereal for grammar but short on time? Mix in the podcast. Use some stories as a grammar exercise, then just listen to others. It's a more flexible way to keep up with the series. Which stories should you use for grammar? The grammar maps can help you decide.


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Season 1

For Cooper, Malina, and Rodgers, seventh grade at Fairview Middle School is one disaster after another. By the end of Season 1, will they learn enough about the school, and its principal, to fight to keep FMS the way it is?


Release Date

Story 1

During the second week of school, Cooper gets a lunch detention for asking to go to the water fountain in Mr. Nitman's class. Convinced his punishment is unfair, Cooper embarks on a hunt for justice. 

 April 3, 2023

Story 2

Fairview Middle School’s Instagram account is filled with phony photos, so Malina and Cooper look for the person behind it. But persuading the Instagrammer to post honest pictures proves difficult. 

 April 10, 2023

Story 3
"The Speech"

When an exchange student from Iceland gives a speech about his terrible experience at Fairview Middle, Rodgers is in charge of translating. Will Rodgers translate truthfully or try to spare feelings and possibly someone's job?

 April 17, 2023

Story 4
"Squirm Worms"

Squirm Worms are the hot holiday toy at Fairview Middle and Mr. Nitman wants them banned. But when he learns banning Squirm Worms will ruin a student's Christmas, Mr. Nitman has to search for his inner holiday spirit. 

 April 24, 2023

Story 5
"The Spice Cabinet"

Cooper and Rodgers hear the legend of an abandoned classroom within Fairview Middle School. On their hunt for the classroom and the forgotten treasures inside, they learn something about a few former FMS students.

 May 1, 2023

Story 6
"Snow Angels"

 May 8, 2023

Story 7
"The Skills Test"

A mysterious messenger urges Malina to join a rebellion against the Skills Test, Fairview Middle's yearly high-stakes exam. Malina ventures to far corners of the school searching for clues of the rebel messenger's identity.

 May 15, 2023

Story 8
"Duck Hunt Detention"

The gang takes a trip back to September 1986. When Principal Mellon tells the story of his first day of eighth grade, Cooper, Malina, and Rodgers learn that maybe Mellon deserves to be Fairview Middle's principal after all.

 May 22, 2023

Story 9
"Project Principal"

To help Principal Mellon keep his job, Cooper, Rodgers, and Malina organize a secret project in the abandoned home economics classroom. Two strict members of the FMS community try to shut the operation down.

 May 29, 2023

Story 10
"The FMS Student
Cook Off"

In the Season 1 finale, it's the day of the Fairview Middle School Student Cook Off. When they find out Superintendent Chase can't make it, Cooper and Mr. Nitman go to extreme lengths to get her there. 

 June 5, 2023

Pod Extras
Get podcast extras as part of the $30/year subscription

Classroom Cereal, the podcast is free! But as part of the $30/year Classroom Cereal subscription, listeners get more. 

Your subscription gets you...

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  • Full story transcripts

The full transcript of every audio story.
Available as a PDF and Google Slide.
  • Listening comprehension questions

10 listening comprehension questions for every audio story. Available as a PDF, Google Slide, and Google Form. 
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Pod Questions 1.1.jpg everything else from Classroom Cereal.

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