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Classroom Cereal
for reading comprehension

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All the fun of Classroom Cereal,
plus reading comprehension practice

Introducing a brand-new series of stories from Classroom Cereal, specifically for reading comprehension! Each story still has five parts, but instead of five grammatical mistakes, each part has ten blanks. As they read, students fill in the blank with the word that makes the sentence make sense, cloze paragraph style. Still simple and fun, now totally focused on understanding the story. 

Five parts per story

Ten blanks ____ part



Just like the originals, each story in this series has five parts, each on its own PDF worksheet. You can give students one part every day of the week, or you can binge any entire story in one sitting. These parts are just a touch longer than the originals, about 300 to 400 words. 

Instead of grammatical mistakes, the stories in this series have blanks. Ten of them in each part. As they read, students fill in the blanks with the word that makes the sentence make sense. The missing words aren't fancy vocab words. They're simple and short, but essential. 

Richie froze for _______ extra second, staring into the trees, the light from the setting sun shimmering their branches. 
Suddenly alert, they all shifted cautiously toward _______ noise. 
There were no chimpanzees at Wildlife Adventure. In all _______ their nights here, _______ they ever heard a chimp? 


A series for the whole year

The reading comprehension series will feature 10 chapters, with a new chapter released every month through June 2024. 


Richie and his family just moved to Pale, a small town not far from Fairview and Dover and the rest of the Classroom Cereal universe. Richie doesn't know much about his new town, but from his new group of friends, he's learned one thing. Pale used to be a big deal. It was the home of Presto's Playland, one of the most popular amusement parks in the country back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. But then it closed, suddenly and mysteriously. What happened to Presto's Playland? Over the course of this 10-part reading comprehension series, Richie and his friends work to discover the truth about Pale and Presto, hopefully in time to stop disaster from striking the town once again. 


For both tracking progress and keeping students motivated, reading comprehension data is a powerful tool. The Classroom Cereal reading comprehension series is an excellent source of reading comprehension data. Each story has exactly 50 blanks. How many blanks can your students correctly fill in each story? The subscription comes with tools for tracking data and an auto-grading version of every story.  

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Chapter 1         ___ of 50


Chapter 2         ___ of 50


Chapter 3         ___ of 50


Chapter 4         ___ of 50


Get Reading Comprehension as part of the subscription

Classroom Cereal Reading Comprehension is part of the $30/year Classroom Cereal subscription. 

Your subscription gets you...

  • Stories

The entire 10-story series. Each story as a PDF and Google Slide. 
  • Auto-grading Google Form Stories

Every story on an auto-grading Google Form. Students type in the answers, and the story grades itself! 
  • Answer Keys

  • Quizzes

A 10-question reading comprehension quiz for every story. 9 multiple choice questions, 1 short answer.
  • Student Data Tracker

A chart for students to keep track of their scores on every story, available as a PDF, Google Doc, Google Slide, and Google Sheet. 
The correct answers for all 50 blanks for every story.
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Student Data Tracker JPG.jpg everything else from Classroom Cereal.

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