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A series of readers theater-style short stories from Classroom Cereal. 

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Classroom Cereal meets readers theater

Classroom Cereal is proud to present Cereal Theater, a series of readers theater-style short stories for middle schoolers. Just like the original Classroom Cereal series, each story unfolds piece by piece, this time across the script's four scenes, and the larger saga plays out throughout the year. No grammatical mistakes to find in these stories. Just divvy up the roles and have fun reading. 

Welcome to Cereal Theater

We're not in Fairview anymore. Elsewhere in the Classroom Cereal universe exists a sleepy small town called Dover. Dover has secrets of its own, and over the course of the first season of Cereal Theater, a cast of characters from Dover and its James A. Garfield Middle School will work to discover them. They'll tell their stories in script form. Each story is a four-scene play written by someone from the town. The drama centers around a vacant building on Randolph Street that was once a thriving community theater, until one mysterious Halloween night in 1990. Can our playwrights uncover the truth of the abandoned theater, while discovering and celebrating their own talents and passions in the process?

The debut season of Cereal Theater will feature 10 stories/scripts available as PDFs and Google Slides. Each one will be about 12 pages long, and like the Classroom Cereal stories you know and love, they'll be perfect for all of the middle grades. Also, every script will come with a 10-question comprehension quiz, available as a PDF, Google Slide, and Google Form. And of course, the stories will be released serial style, a new one each month from September 2022 to June 2023! 

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Get Cereal Theater as part of the $30/year subscription

Cereal Theater comes as part of the $30/year Classroom Cereal subscription.

Your subscription gets you...

  • Scripts

All 10 readers theater-style stories. Available as a PDF and a Google Slide. 
  • Quizzes

A 10-question comprehension quiz for each script. Available as a PDF, Google Slide, and auto-grading Google Form. 
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CT Quiz 1.1.jpg everything else from Classroom Cereal.

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