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Thank you for checking out Classroom Cereal! Here are the Subscription Terms of Use.

  • Subscriptions grant access to subscriber-only Classroom Cereal content, including Answer Keys, Quizzes, Teacher Guides, Grammar Maps, the Grammar Growth Assessment, the Grammar Growth Assessment Teacher's Sheet, the Google Slides Stories, Quizzes, and Grammar Growth Assessment, the Google Forms Quizzes and Grammar Growth Assessment, the entire Cereal Theater program, and the podcast extras.

  • Subscriptions cost $30 and last for one full calendar year (12 months). Subscriptions automatically renew every year for $30 on the anniversary of original purchase until the subscriber cancels.

  • Because subscribers can download subscription-only content, the $30 payment is nonrefundable once submitted. 

  • Subscribers should share the "student-facing" subscriber-only content, like Quizzes and the Grammar Growth Assessment, with their students. Other subscriber-only content, like Answer Keys and Teacher Guides, should not be shared and should be used only by the subscriber. 

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