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Thank you for checking out Classroom Cereal! Here are the Subscription Terms of Use.

  • Subscriptions grant access to subscriber-only Classroom Cereal content, including the entire original grammar program; the entire Cereal Theater program; the podcast extras; the entire Classroom Cereal Reading Comprehension program; Cereal Box Activity Sheet; and Classroom Cereal Standalone Stories. 

  • Subscriptions cost $30 and last for one full calendar year (12 months). Subscriptions automatically renew every year for $30 on the anniversary of original purchase until the subscriber cancels.

  • The $30 payment is nonrefundable once submitted. 

  • Subscribers should share the "student-facing" subscriber-only content, like Quizzes and the Grammar Growth Assessment, with their students. Other subscriber-only content, like Answer Keys and Teacher Guides, should not be shared and should be used only by the subscriber. 

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