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During the second week of school, Cooper gets a lunch detention for asking to go to the water fountain in Mr. Nitman's class. Convinced his punishment is unfair, Cooper embarks on a hunt for justice. 

What is it?

Classroom Cereal is a series of free, printable short stories that double as grammar exercises. The original short stories are published monthly and in five parts. Each part of the story contains five grammatical errors. Enjoy the story and find the errors. It's simple and nourishing, much like a certain grain-based breakfast food.

How does it work?

The class debriefs. The class can discuss Part 1 and go over the errors. Or teachers can collect the worksheet as a warm up activity, classwork, or even (gulp) homework. 

Teachers print Part 1 of 5. Every story has five parts. Each part is on its own ready-to-go PDF worksheet. These are free, printable, and found in the Stories section of the website. 

Students read and edit. While reading Part 1, students mark as many of the five grammatical errors as they can. This can take as few as five minutes. Each story part is short — about 200 words.


Teachers print Part 2 of 5. Teachers print the next part of the story and the cycle starts again. Students engage in a story throughout the week, becoming better writers and readers as they go. 

Part 1 of 5 for Story 1
Part 2 of 5 for Story 1

How does it help?

Nowadays, strict curriculum demands often leave little time for practicing the basics of writing. Classroom Cereal makes grammar practice quick and fun. Students become editors as they identify and correct the five grammatical errors in each story part. With daily proofreading, students become mindful of the little things needed for clean writing. 
Reading Classroom Cereal stories is both fun and beneficial. First, students simply enjoy an amusing and accessible story, one piece at a time throughout the week. Second, readers form a close relationship with the text by engaging with it directly. Students physically mark up each story as they identify and correct the five errors. 
Get ready to see hands in the air! Classroom Cereal engages even the most resistant readers because it gives them something concrete and objective to look for while reading. Students love to hunt for the errors and then to share what they've found. More, the episodic nature of the stories builds suspense throughout the week and the entire year. 

A letter from Chris about school closures

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